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Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Embracing Efficiency and Innovation

The cost of manufacturing is a complex equation that integrates the labor burdened rate and inventory burdened rate. For every dollar spent on wages, an additional twenty-five cents or 25% is incurred as the burdened cost. This figure reflects the comprehensive expenses of employing workers, encompassing not only their wages but also benefits, taxes, and […]

The Importance of Micro Stoppages over Utilization downtime

Most monitoring systems ignore micro stoppages. These Utilization-Only systems do not provide the flexibility to identify and capture micro stoppages. “The Goal,” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, is a business novel that emphasizes the importance of optimizing the production process as a whole instead of focusing on individual parts or events. In the […]

Machine Metrics fails yet again!

Accurate, actionable data is the keystone of any monitoring system. If you can’t trust the data, then the system is not worth a cent. Arguably, the breadth of data depends on the type of connection to the machine. At the very least, if a monitoring system cannot track the simplest of events, then it should […]

“Mastering Industry 4.0: Navigating Choices and Commitments for Manufacturing Excellence”

In the landscape of modern manufacturing, the options available to aid companies on their Industry 4.0 voyage are plentiful and diverse. Ranging from straightforward applications that interface with machinery protocols to Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings tracking utilization and on-premise platforms orchestrating interconnected systems, the choices span a spectrum of complexity and investment. Each […]