All Machines on Plant Floor Benefit from OEE

Original article posted in SBW!RE. Link to full article here.

John Rattray, a senior executive with Memex Automation, recently discussed Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a key performance indicator: “OEE Indicates whether a machine is running at optimum capacity and producing quality output and OEE measurements can help companies avoid downtime and reduce lost production…it can be applied to work cells, lines, areas, or plants.”

While many systems say they automate shop floor data collection Memex Automation does it automatically, directly and in real-time. Operator bar code scanning of work order status and keying in part counts, reject counts, reject classifications and down time reason codes are all inefficient and prone to error.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time production visibility for everyone in the plant – including alerts through email or paging.
  • Accurate key performance indicator with OEE metric
  • Identify problems Fast
  • Production data collection and reporting
  • Downtime and reject cause analysis
  • Labor productivity tracking
  • Usage-based Preventive Maintenance
  • Visual production scheduling
  • Connecting production floor to ERP
  • Assess Operator Productivity